Kos, Greece!

I’m going on holiday!

Sorry, but I’m excited. I do realise its not really socially acceptable to keep talking about your upcoming holiday when the chances are the people around you aren’t. Is that the case on the Internet? If it is I’m sorry internet people, I’m new to blogging. I don’t know the do’s and don’t s yet.

I’ve been to Greece once before. During my second summer at university me and my flatmate decided we would go backpacking for a month. We started in Athens and completed a rough circle taking in the Ionian Islands. I think Greece is possibly my favourite country so far. If I’m looking for a beach anyway.

I’ve never been to Kos, or any of the Greek islands in that area. I can’t wait to explore them! I need to read up on tips and must see’s! (suggestions extremely welcome 🙂 )

This is also the first time I will have been abroad with my family in about 8 years! So that’s exciting as well. It’s all very exciting. Have I said excited too much? Sorry again Internet people.

I suppose I’ll keep you updated….


2 thoughts on “Kos, Greece!”

  1. haha it is totally acceptable to talk about your fun adventures! It indeed is the best thing to do, if it awakens the minds of people!
    Have a greaaaaaattttttt trip! Best wishes to you 🙂


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