Unemployment and Keeping Positive.

Hello my fellow Internet People,

I am unemployed. Not by choice and not by lack of trying. That’s just the way it is at the moment.


Trying to fill my days is a battle at the moment. A battle that if lost I fear will not end well. Negativity, poor self esteem a lack of confidence are all things I fear will slip in and make my chances of actually getting a job even less likely.

Looking at the news, Youth Unemployment stats are everywhere. And now I have a whole fresh new batch of graduates to compete with!

I look at job advertisement and have to constantly stop writing myself off before I’ve even sent in an application. ‘Its something I’ve never done before, its out of my comfort zone, I might not tick every specification they have, I’ll have to learn something new’.

If I reject myself, an employer certainly will.

Off course i’ll have to learn something new, of course i’ve never done it before. I’m (almost) fresh out of education, I’ve never had a ‘proper’ job before. But I have to realise that that’s ok, employers want entry level applicants. Or they wouldn’t advertise for it!

Keeping positive is the biggest challenge. And keeping busy is a great way of doing that.

Volunteering offers a great way to keep busy, meet new friends and fill that gap on your CV while you wait for your perfect role. It also makes you feel pretty good about yourself. I’ve had a lot of fun volunteering over this last year. Possible too much, it might have gotten slightly in the way of job hunting.

Other ways I’ve found to keep positive is having something to look forward to. Plan a weekend with your friends, organise a family get together or plan a holiday! Have something exciting to look forward to once a month makes a huge difference. And I’m not saying only be social once a month, I mean doing something different once a month!

Or start a blog! The littlest thing really can make a difference to your outlook and that will ultimately help you sell yourself positively to employers and get that job you dream of.

….Hopefully….I’m still waiting on my dream job….any job really.

But really you just need to sit down and write the best application you have ever written. I believe finding a job is a numbers game. Sooner or later it’s going to be your lucky day.

We can only hope its sooner rather that later. I am quite optimistic though 🙂


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