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Snapshots: Tynemouth

A cheeky trip to the seaside.



Snapshots: Hexham in the Autumn

This is my favourite season and not because it also happens to include my birthday. The colours, freshness and frankly beautiful sunrises as I drive to university make me want to whip out my camera along the dual-carriageway.

I’ve not managed to get out an about as much as I’d like but here a couple of my favourite photos from the last month or so.

SnapShots: Vienna, Austria

I only had 16 hours to explore Vienna which didn’t give me long to explore! I arrived at around 6am on an over night train and had to leave in the evening to make another over night train to Krakow. This also helped me discover that not an awful lot goes on at 6am, no matter what city your in!

I spent a lot of the day walking around and exploring the parks and museums. In the evening I took the chance to attend a opera performance which was great! Would love to have had more time to look around but still a great day 🙂

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SnapShots: Venice, Italy

The next stop on my Inter-railing adventure was Venice. This was the second time I’ve been to Venice and I think it’s just as exciting the second time around.

It is such a beautiful, unique city so it’s easy to understand why it fills with tourists. I like nothing better than getting lost in the streets. One night, not knowing where a bar was, we followed a group of tourists who we thought looked like they knew where they were going. I had hoped they would lead us to a really awesome bar but we ended up wondering around for ages and eventually ditched them and went our own way!

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SnapShots: Gdansk, Poland

Poland was never somewhere high on my list of places to visit but after me and my best friend booked a cheap flight to celebrate our dissertation hand in I fell in love with it.

Gdansk has a beautiful old town and a huge amount of history to discover. I could easily have spent longer than a weekend there. We also had some hilarious nights out in the town, the locals are incredible friendly if not slightly puzzled as to why two English girls where out there in winter!


SnapShots: Helvellyn via Striding Edge, UK

This weekend I decided it would be fun to take a stroll up Helvellyn. It’s the 3rd highest peak in England and a really fun walk to do via Striding edge.

The route up Striding Edge is a dramatic one. The views are beautiful. It gets very narrow at points, with long drops either side it’s so not one for those scared of heights! Bit of rock climbing needed in places to scramble down bits but a very fun walk to do in good weather.