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Nighttime: Weekly Photo Challenge

The weeks photo challenge is night time photos.

I had a lot of fun trying to take the perfect night time photo in Italy. I still think I need a lot of practice (and a tripod) but here are my favourites!

IMG_4654 IMG_4671 IMG_4571 IMG_4291 IMG_4122 IMG_4210 IMG_4124


Endurance: Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge. Endurance: Resilience, Strength, Stamina, Determination, Hardiness.

I like this photo which was taken on a recent holiday. It’s of my dad and brother sailing. They sailed together for years until my brother grew up and wanted faster boats which my dad had no real interest in. This was the first time they had been out together in a few years and they spent ages on this old RS 2000 messing around and enjoying in the wind. The boat was an old one and at  certain speed it whistled along the water, the rudder unclipped and the cleats didn’t work. But it didn’t break and both boys and boat enjoyed fun.

I guess what I’m trying to say is the boat endured the pressure of being pushed to its limits. This photo is also taken about a second before a capsize so you can see my brothers arms flailing as he tries to rescue it. He actually managed to save the boat going over, so I like to think these photo’s how a dual aspect of endurance, both man and boat !


Humanity: Weekly Photo Challenge

This weekly photo challenge is an interesting one. Humanity, the collective entity that is us. The human race.

I love these photo’s from my recent travels.

My first photo was taken in a school. Education; the sharing of knowledge, culture, language, traditions. The list is endless and it importance unequivocal.

My second photo is of the simplicity of one married couple who have spent decades by this very road making mile after mile of rope. A never ending joint partnership with some beautiful smiles to accompany it.

My last photo is of a pair of market sellers. When I approached and asked for a photo the gentlemen fooled about posing for the camera much to the embarrassment of his friend. It was a lovely moment although she did come close to give him a good whack with that pan.

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Working with national volunteers in schools
Working with national volunteers in schools
Rope making
Rope making

Camera shy? This pair had a fit of giggles when we turned up